Lydia Z was born and raised in Athens, Hellas.  She lived and worked for 8 years in the UK and since last year she lives in Norway with her family.

Even though from a young age she was painting, she studied Business Management and Fashion Design. In the past she has worked many years as a fashion designer and a photographer. She started painting again when the light and colors that she had inside of her wanted to breathe again and express themselves. Her feelings were split on the canvas. Her fears all red, her hopes blue, the world around her black. Walking through the road of colors trying to find her truth.

She has studied by great painters ( BORGIAS COLLEGE OF FINE ART & DESIGN, ΑRTe , School of Art, ) trying to tame the colors; In vain! Free forms, big brushes, figures from Ancient Greece dipped in an abstract reality, switching back and forth between the memories of the past and the dreams of the future.

She is a member of UNESCO Art, Literature and Science of Greece. She has participated in numerous team exhibitions, (Ιtaly, Turkey, Greece, France ) while a lot of her artworks are in private collectιons.